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DCAwareRoundRobinPolicyNewQueryPlan Method

Returns the hosts to use for a new query.

The returned plan will always try each known host in the local datacenter first, and then, if none of the local host is reachable, will try up to a configurable number of other host per remote datacenter. The order of the local node in the returned query plan will follow a Round-robin algorithm.

Namespace:  Dse
Assembly:  Dse (in Dse.dll) Version: 2.8.0
public IEnumerable<Host> NewQueryPlan(
	string keyspace,
	IStatement query


Type: SystemString
Keyspace on which the query is going to be executed
Type: DseIStatement
the query for which to build the plan.

Return Value

Type: IEnumerableHost
a new query plan, i.e. an iterator indicating which host to try first for querying, which one to use as failover, etc...


ILoadBalancingPolicyNewQueryPlan(String, IStatement)
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