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PreparedStatement Properties

The PreparedStatement type exposes the following members.

Public propertyConsistencyLevel
Gets the default consistency level for all executions using this instance
Public propertyIncomingPayload
Gets the the incoming payload, that is, the payload that the server sent back with its prepared response, or null if the server did not include any custom payload.
Public propertyIsIdempotent
Determines if the query is idempotent, i.e. whether it can be applied multiple times without changing the result beyond the initial application.

Idempotence of the prepared statement plays a role in ISpeculativeExecutionPolicy. If a query is not idempotent, the driver will not schedule speculative executions for it.

When the property is null, the driver will use the default value from the GetDefaultIdempotence.
Public propertyOutgoingPayload
Gets custom payload for that will be included when executing an Statement.
Public propertyRoutingIndexes
Gets or sets the parameter indexes that are part of the partition key
Public propertyRoutingKey
Gets the routing key for the prepared statement.
Public propertyVariables
Gets metadata on the bounded variables of this prepared statement.
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