Installing DataStax Bulk Loader 1.3.3

Install DataStax Bulk Loader to load and unload DSE data efficiently and reliably.

The DataStax Bulk Loader tool (dsbulk) is designed to provide users with the ability to both load and unload data in and out of DataStax Enterprise (DSE) efficiently and reliably. DataStax recommends using the latest DataStax Bulk Loader 1.3.3. For details, see the About DataStax Bulk Loader - dsbulk

The dsbulk tool can be run as a standalone tool that remotely connects to a cluster. The tool is not required to run locally on a cluster node, but can be used in this configuration.


  1. Download the tarball from the DataStax Download page using your DataStax Academy registration credentials.
  2. Unpack the distribution:
    tar -xzvf dsbulk.tar.gz

    The files are downloaded and extracted into the current directory.

What's next

Learn how to get started with dsbulk.