Using SSL with dsbulk

Configure dsbulk to use SSL when connecting to a database.

To use SSL with dsbulk, first refer to the DSE Security docs to set up SSL. While the SSL options can be specified on the command line, using a configuration file is recommended. As explained in creating a configuration file for dsbulk, be sure to enclose the configuration options in a dsbulk { … } block:

dsbulk {
driver.ssl.keystore.password = "cassandra"
driver.ssl.keystore.path = "/Users/johndoe/tmp/ssl/keystore.node0"
driver.ssl.provider = OpenSSL
driver.ssl.truststore.password = "dse#r0cks!"
driver.ssl.truststore.path = "/Users/johndoe/tmp/ssl/truststore.node0"
Tip: Enclose passwords that contain special characters in quotes:
driver.ssl.truststore.password = "dse#r0cks!"

For example:

dsbulk load -f my-config-file.conf -url file1.csv -k ks1 -t table1