Engine options

Engine options for the dsbulk command

Specify engine options for the dsbulk command.

The options can be used in short form (-k keyspace_name) or long form (--schema.keyspace keyspace_name).

-dryRun,--engine.dryRun { true | false }

Enable or disable dry-run mode, a test mode that runs the command but does not load data. Not applicable for unloading.

Default: false

--engine.executionId string
A unique identifier to attribute to each execution. When unspecified or empty, the engine will automatically generate identifiers of the following form: workflow_timestamp, where :
  • workflow stands for the workflow type (LOAD, UNLOAD, etc.);
  • timestamp is the current timestamp formatted as uuuuMMdd-HHmmss-SSSSSS (see Patterns for Formatting and Parsing in Oracle Java documentation) in UTC, with microsecond precision if available, and millisecond precision otherwise.
When this identifier is user-supplied, it is important to guarantee its uniqueness; failing to do so may result in execution failures. It is also possible to provide templates here. Any format compliant with the formatting rules of String.format() is accepted, and can contain the following parameters:
  • %1$s : the workflow type (LOAD, UNLOAD, etc.);
  • %2$t : the current time (with microsecond precision if available, and millisecond precision otherwise);
  • %3$s : the JVM process PID (this parameter might not be available on some operating systems; if its value cannot be determined, a random integer will be inserted instead).

Default: unspecified