About CQL

CQL (Cassandra Query Language) is a query language for the DataStax Enterprise database.

CQL for DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 5.1 provides information about the Cassandra Query Language (CQL). CQL is the primary language for communicating with the database.
Note: DataStax offers subscription-based support (Luna) for open-source Cassandra. Learn more.
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DSE 5.1 documentation and other information sources

DataStax Enterprise 5.1 documentation and other information sources
Architecture Guide How the DSE database works.
Administrators Guide Information about capacity planning, installation, configuration, migration, performance monitoring, security, troubleshooting, backup, data recovery and more.
Developers Guide Information for creating enterprise-level applications that require real-time always available storage, search, and analytics. This guide includes DataStax Studio.
OpsCenter Installing and using DSE OpsCenter and Lifecycle Manager.
Other information sources
Landing pages Supported platforms, product compatibility, third-party software, recommended settings, resources for additional information, and earlier documentation.
DSE drivers C/C++ driver, C# driver, Java driver, Node.js driverNode.js driver, PHP driver, Python driver, and Ruby driver.
Note: The PHP and Ruby drivers are maintenance only.
Planning and testing DSE deployments Includes hardware selection, estimating disk capacity, anti-patterns, and cluster testing.
DSE Troubleshooting Guide Various troubleshooting topics including Linux settings, search, analytics, security, starting DSE, and installing.
Upgrade Guide Information on upgrading various versions of DataStax Enterprise and upgrading from Apache Cassandra to DataStax Enterprise..
Sources of support DataStax Support, DataStax Academy forums, Stackoverflow for DataStax Enterprise, Stackoverflow for the DataStax Java client driver and the DataStax PHP driver.
DataStax Academy DataStax Academy for courses on CQL, database administration, data modeling, and others.