Introduction to CQL commands

Shows the CQL command syntax and rules, and provides instruction on using CQL shell (cqlsh).

CQL is the primary language for managing database resources, such as keyspaces, tables, functions, aggregates, user defined types, roles, access permissions, insert, update, query tables, and run DSE Search commands. You can run CQL commands in DataStax Studio, see Creating keyspaces and tables with DataStax Studio.

For production, DataStax supplies a number of drivers so that CQL statements and search commands can be passed from client to cluster and back. Other administrative tasks can be accomplished using OpsCenter.
Warning: Schema changes, which involve CREATE, DROP, and ALTER statements, are not safe for concurrent use. Performing more than one change in flight has a high probability of causing irreconcilable conflicts, with nodes in the cluster using different schema “versions” indefinitely.