Getting started with DataStax Enterprise 5.1

Information about using the Administrator Guide, plus new and key features in DataStax Enterprise.

Information about using this guide, plus new and key features in DataStax Enterprise 5.1.

Other information sources

CQL for DataStax Enterprise 5.1 Cassandra Query Language (CQL) is a query language for the DSE database. You can interact with the database is using the CQL shell, cqlsh, or DataStax Studio.
Landing pages Supported platforms, product compatibility, third-party software, resources for additional information, and earlier documentation.
Apache Cassandra™ drivers C/C++ driver, C# driver, Java driver, Node.js driver, PHP driver, Python driver, and Ruby driver.
Planning and testing DSE deployments Includes hardware selection, estimating disk capacity, anti-patterns, and cluster testing.
DSE Troubleshooting Guide Various troubleshooting topics including Linux settings, search, analytics, security, starting DSE, and installing.
Upgrade Guide Information on upgrading various versions of DataStax Enterprise and upgrading from Apache Cassandra to DataStax Enterprise.
Sources of support DataStax Support, DataStax Academy forums, Stack Overflow for DataStax Enterprise, Stack Overflow for the DataStax Java client driver and the DataStax PHP driver.