Monitor cluster metrics with OpsCenter

Use the OpsCenter Dashboard to monitor performance metrics and view real-time and historical performance metrics.

Monitor performance metrics in the OpsCenter Dashboard. Real-time and historical performance metrics are available at different granularities: cluster-wide, per node, per table (column family), or per storage tier.

Tip: For more comprehensive monitoring of DSE cluster performance, take advantage of the features provided by the OpsCenter Performance Service. The OpsCenter Performance Service combines OpsCenter metrics with CQL-based diagnostic tables populated by the DSE Performance Service to help understand, tune, and optimize cluster performance.


  1. Install OpsCenter.
  2. Add your clusters to OpsCenter.
  3. Start OpsCenter.


  1. Open a supported browser and navigate to your OpsCenter instance. The default URL is the IP address of the cluster where OpsCenter is running, plus port 8888:
  2. In the left navigation, click Dashboard.
    The Dashboard opens with the default configuration, which includes several widgets that display important cluster information.
  3. Add dashboard Graphs to view additional metrics. Graphs can contain multiple metrics, provided that the metrics use the same unit.
    Tip: For a list of all available metrics, see OpsCenter Dashboard metrics.
  4. Optional: Enable the Performance Service for additional monitoring and metrics of slow queries, table metrics, and thread pool statistics.