Defining index field types

Overview of the default search index fields definitions and field related schema modification syntax.

Default field type definitions

A field type definition is required for parsing CQL columns into the corresponding Solr field type. Add processing instructions to the analyzer section of the fieldType definition.

TrieField types

Used with a type attribute and value: integer, long, float, double, date.
<fieldType class="org.apache.solr.schema.TrieDoubleField" name="TrieDoubleField"/>
Date field for Lucene TrieRange processing, supports indexing negative date. For example: -28011-12-02T00:00:00.002Z. To insert negative dates for the CQL timestamp, insert an epoch time in milliseconds. The TimestampType does not accept a textual representation of negative dates.
<fieldType class="org.apache.solr.schema.TrieDateField" name="TrieDateField"/>
<fieldType class="org.apache.solr.schema.TrieFloatField" name="TrieFloatField"/>

StringField types

Define with the DataStax class to convert a CQL varint.
<fieldType class="" name="VarIntStrField"/>
Converts a CQL ascii into a standard Solr StrField.
 <fieldType class=""
Define with the DataStax class to convert a CQL date field into a compatible Solr date field.
<fieldType class="" name="SimpleDateField"/>
Due to SOLR-7264, setting docValues to true on a boolean field in the Solr schema does not work. A workaround for boolean docValues is to use 0 and 1 with a TrieIntField.
<fieldType class="org.apache.solr.schema.BoolField" name="BoolField"/>
<fieldType class="org.apache.solr.schema.BinaryField" name="BinaryField"/>
A value of this type is a Type 1 UUID that includes the time of its generation. Values are sorted by conflict-free timestamps. For example, use the TimeUUID type to identify a column, such as a blog entry, by its timestamp and allow multiple clients to write to the same partition key simultaneously. To find data mapped from a TimeUUID to a UUIDField, search for the entire UUID value, not just its time component.
<fieldType class="org.apache.solr.schema.UUIDField" name="UUIDField"/>

Default index field definitions for CQL column types

Restriction: Decimal and varint are indexed as strings. Apache Lucene® does not support the precision required by these numeric types. Range and sorting queries do not work as expected if a table uses these types.
Table 1. Default column definitions
CQL data type Field type name docValues multiValued
ascii AsciiStrField false false
bigint TrieLongField true false
blob BinaryField not supported false
boolean BoolField false false
date SimpleDateField not supported false
decimal DecimalStrField false false
double TrieDoubleField true false
float TrieFloatField true false
inet InetField false false
int TrieIntField true false
smallint TrieIntField true false
text TextField false false
time TimeField true false
timestamp TrieDateField true false
timeuuid TimeUUIDField true false
tinyint TrieIntField true false
uuid UUIDField true false
varchar TextField not supported false
varint VarIntStrField false false
list true
map true
set true true
tuple/user defined type (UDT) TupleField false false

CQL data type compatibility with field type classes

Table 2. Compatibility matrix
CQL Field name Class Description
ascii AsciiStrField AsciiType Indexed as a standard Solr StrField.
blob BinaryField BytesType Binary data.
boolean BoolField BooleanType True (1, t, or T) or False (not 1, t, or T)
DateRangeType DateRangeField DateRangeType Point-in-time with millisecond precision with support for date ranges. See Using date ranges in solr_query.
decimal DecimalStrField DecimalType Indexed as a standard Solr StrField.
text, varchar EnumField UTF8Type A closed set with a pre-determined sort order.
text, varchar ExternalFileField UTF8Type Values from disk file.
text, varchar GeoHashField UTF8Type Hash of coordinate pair (latitude,longitude) stored as a string.
inet InetField InetAddressType InetField is implemented and indexed as a standard Solr StrField.
text, varchar LatLonType UTF8Type Latitude/Longitude 2-D point, latitude first.
text, varchar PointType UTF8Type Arbitrary n-dimensional point for spatial search.
text, varchar RandomSortField UTF8Type Dynamic field in random order.
date SimpleDateField SimpleDateType TrieDateField holding a CQL date.
PointType SpatialRecursivePrefixTreeFieldType PointType Spatial field type for a point geospatial context.
text, varchar SpatialRecursivePrefixTreeFieldType UTF8Type Spatial field type for a geospatial context.
text, varchar StrField UTF8Type String (UTF-8 encoded string or Unicode).
text, varchar TextField UTF8Type Text, usually multiple words or tokens.
time TimeField TimeType A TrieLongField holding a CQL time.
timeuuid TimeUUIDField TimeUUIDType Type 1 Universally Unique Identifier (UUID).
timestamp TrieDateField DateType Date field for Lucene TrieRange processing; supports indexing negative dates.
double TrieDoubleField DoubleType Double field for Lucene TrieRange processing.
N/A TrieField N/A Same as any Trie field type.
float TrieFloatField FloatType Floating point field for Lucene TrieRange processing.
int, smallint TrieIntField Int32Type, ShortType 32-bit signed integer field for Lucene TrieRange processing.
tinyint TrieIntField ByteType 32-bit signed integer field for Lucene TrieRange processing.
bigint TrieLongField LongType Long field for Lucene TrieRange processing.
uuid, timeuuid UUIDField UUIDType Universally Unique Identifier (UUID).
varint VarIntStrField IntegerType Indexed as a standard Solr StrField.
text, varchar Other UTF8Type Indexed as a standard Solr StrField.