nodetool garbagecollect

Remove deleted data from one or more tables.

Remove deleted data from one or more tables.
Note: The nodetool garbagecollect command is not the same as the Perform GC option in OpsCenter.


nodetool options garbagecollect [--] keyspace_name table_name
Tarball and Installer No-Services path:
Table 1. Options
Short Long Description
-g --granularity Granularity of garbage removal.

ROW (default) removes deleted partitions and rows.
CELL also removes overwritten or deleted cells.

-h --host Hostname or IP address.
-j --jobs

Number of sstables to cleanup simultanously, set to 0 to use all available compaction threads.

-p --port Port number.
-pwf --password-file Password file path.
-pw --password Password.
-u --username Remote JMX agent username.
keyspace_name Name of keyspace.
table_name Name of table.
-- Separates an option from an argument that could be mistaken for a option.