Adding property data

How to add property data.

To change the value of property data for a particular vertex, use the property() step.Each property changed must have its own property() step.


If a property value has been dropped in order to change the value, a new value can be written. This example illustrates adding the value M to the author vertex with the name James Beard.
 g.V().has('author','name','James Beard').property('gender', 'M')
gremlin> g.V().hasLabel('author').valueMap()
==>{gender=[F], name=[Julia Child]}
==>{gender=[F], name=[Patricia Curtan]}
==>{gender=[F], name=[Kelsie Kerr]}
==>{gender=[F], name=[Simone Beck]}
==>{gender=[F], name=[Alice Waters]}
==>{gender=[F], name=[Patricia Simon]}
==>{gender=[M], name=[James Beard]}
==>{name=[Fritz Streiff]}
==>{name=[Emeril Lagasse]}
==>{gender=[F], name=[Louisette Bertholie]}