Notebook cells in DataStax Studio

Description of notebook cells in DataStax Studio. Cells contain markdown text, Gremlin code, or CQL.

Notebook cells contain markdown text, Gremlin code, or CQL.

Creating connections

To create connections to DSE clusters, select the Connections menu.


Widget Description
View Details.
View Schema.
Add Cell adds another cell before or after the current cell.


Widget Description
Run Cell displays the markdown or runs the Gremlin code and displays the results.
Hide code editor hides the code editor.
/ Disable editor validations / Enable editor validations toggle.
More actions displays more menu items for the cell.

Gremlin results display

The results returned by the last Gremlin statement executed in a cell can be displayed in a number of ways.

Widget Description
Pie chart
Graph displays vertices and edges.
Graph provides a contextual view of a result by automatically populating the entire sub-graph shared between the result's vertices and edges. The Gremlin result is examined:
  • All vertices emitted and all vertices touched by emitted edges are aggregated into the set of working vertices.
  • All edges that connect this set of vertices are then populated.
Note: This sub-graph result populates the Graph. However, the Gremlin result populates all other views (such as, raw, table, charts).