nodetool abortrebuild

Abort a currently running rebuild operation. Completes processing of active streams, but no new streams are started.

Abort a currently running rebuild operation that was started on the connected node. Completes processing of active streams, but no new streams are started. The abort operation is logged with an optional reason comment.


nodetool connection_options abortrebuild [-r 'log_comment']

Connection options

Connection options specify how to connect and authenticate for all nodetool commands:
Short Long Description
-h --host Hostname or IP address.
-p --port Port number.
-pwf --password-file Password file path.
-pw --password Password.
-u --username Username.
-- Separates command parameters from a list of options.
  • If a username and password for RMI authentication are set explicitly in the file for the host, then you must specify credentials.
  • The repair and rebuild commands can affect multiple nodes in the cluster.
  • Most nodetool commands operate on a single node in the cluster if -h is not used to identify one or more other nodes. If the node from which you issue the command is the intended target, you do not need the -h option to identify the target; otherwise, for remote invocation, identify the target node, or nodes, using -h.
nodetool -u username -pw password describering demo_keyspace

The location of the file depends on the type of installation:

Package installations
Installer-Services installations


Tarball installations
Installer-No Services installations

-r 'log_comment', --reason 'log_comment'
Comment added to log.