Monitor cluster metrics with DSE Metrics Collector

Use DSE Metrics Collector to aggregate DSE metrics and integrate with centralized monitoring solutions to facilitate problem resolution and remediation.

Available in DSE 6.0.5 and later, DSE Metrics Collector aggregates DataStax Enterprise (DSE) metrics and integrates with existing monitoring solutions to facilitate problem resolution and remediation.

DSE Metrics Collector is built on collectd, a popular, well-supported, open source metric collection agent. With over 90 plugins, you can tailor the solution to collect metrics most important to your organization.


  1. Enable DSE Metrics Collector to begin collecting metrics.
  2. Vizualize metrics using the preconfigured Docker image, or configure your existing monitoring server:
    Preconfigured Docker image Download and install Docker to use the DataStax preconfigured dashboards.
    Existing monitoring server Export metrics to an existing monitoring server to visualize metrics.
  3. Configure DSE Metrics Collector to tune the interval collection time, refresh period, and other options based on your needs.
  4. Filter metrics to specify which metrics to include or exclude from results.
    Tip: Use DataStax tools or Java Console (JConsole) to get a list of node and cluster statistics and metrics.