Upgrades the SSTables in the given table or snapshot to the current version of Cassandra.


The location of the cassandra.yaml file depends on the type of installation:
Package installations /etc/dse/cassandra/cassandra.yaml
Tarball installations installation_location/resources/cassandra/conf/cassandra.yaml

Upgrades the SSTables in the given table or snapshot to the current version of Cassandra.


[-o output-div] 
[--sstable-files sstable]
[-t rate-limit] 
Table 1. SSTable compatibility and upgrade version
DSE version SSTable sstableloader supported format-version sstableupgrade and nodetool upgradesstables supported format-version
format version
6.7.x bti aa big-ma, big-mb, big-mc, and bti-aa big-ma, big-mb, and big-mc
5.1.x big mc big-ka, big-ma, big-mb, and big-mc big-ka, big-ma, and big-mb
5.0.x mb big-ka, big-ma, and big-mb big-ka and big-ma
5.0.x ma big-ka and big-ma big-k* only


The short form and long form parameters are comma-separated.

Command arguments

Display stack traces.
-h, --help
Display the usage and listing of the commands.
-b, --backups
Rewrite incremental backups for the given table. May not be combined with the snapshot_name option.
-k, --keep-source
Do not delete the source SSTables.
Keep the SSTable generation. Do use with the --keep-source option.
Instead of processing all SSTables in the default data directories, process only the tables specified via this option. If a single SSTable file, only that SSTable is processed. If a directory is specified, all SSTables within that directory are processed. Snapshots and backups are not supported with this option.
-t, --throughput
Set to limit the maximum disk read rate in MB/s.
Keyspace name. Required. Overrides the client_encryption_options in cassandra.yaml.
Table name. Required.
Snapshot name.
  • Upgrades the specified snapshot before restoring a snapshot from a major version older than the currently running major Cassandra version.
  • Replaces files in the given snapshot and breaks any hard links to live SSTables.


Upgrade events table on cycling keyspace

sstableupgrade cycling events
Found 0 sstables that need upgrading.

The SSTables are already on the current version, so the command returns immediately and no action is taken.