About search commands

Overview of the integrated CQL search index commands for DSE Search.

Manage DSE search indexes using the following CQL commands:
  • CREATE SEARCH INDEX Generates a new search index on an existing table with default schema and config.
  • DESCRIBE SEARCH INDEX Displays the active or pending schema or config in XML format.
  • ALTER SEARCH INDEX CONFIG Modifies the search index config. After modifying, use reload to push the changes live.
  • ALTER SEARCH INDEX SCHEMA Modifies the search index schema. After modifying, use reload to push the changes live.
  • RELOAD SEARCH INDEX Loads pending changes to the index schema and config. Some changes such as adding or removing indexed fields require a rebuild.
  • REBUILD SEARCH INDEX Reconstructs the search index using the active schema and config.
  • COMMIT SEARCH INDEX Forces a reload of data into the index after data is added, modified, or removed from the corresponding CQL table.
  • DROP SEARCH INDEX Removes the search index and corresponding files.

Run search index commands only on the local node using the dsetool commands.

Tip: DSE stores the Solr search index configuration pair (schema and config) in the solr_admin.solr_resources table and persists it to other search nodes in the cluster.
Important: In DSE authorization-enabled environments, you must grant permission to run search index commands; see Controlling access to search indexes.