Installing Previous DataStax Enterprise 6.0.x patch releases

How to install any DSE 6.0.x patch release.

The latest version of DataStax Enterprise is 6.0.6.

To view the available patch releases for DataStax Enterprise 6.0.x, see the 6.0 Release Notes.

Installing previous 6.0.x patch releases from the RHEL packages

  1. If needed, add the DataStax Yum repository and enable signature verification.
  2. Install DataStax Enterprise specifying the version.
    sudo yum install dse-full-version_number-1
    For example:
    sudo yum install dse-full-6.0.0-1

Installing previous 6.0.x patch releases from the Debian packages

  1. If needed, add the DataStax repository file and key.
  2. Install DataStax Enterprise specifying the version. In addition to specifying the DSE version, you must also specify the exact dependent packages, including the package version.
    sudo apt-get install \
      dse=version_number-1 \
      dse-libcassandra=version_number-1 \
      dse-libgraph=version_number-1 \
      dse-libhadoop2-client-native=version_number-1 \
      dse-libhadoop2-client=version_number-1 \
      dse-liblog4j=version_number-1 \
      dse-libsolr=version_number-1 \
      dse-libspark=version_number-1 \
    For example:
    Attention: Specify all packages; otherwise, the installation fails.
    sudo apt-get install \
      dse=6.0.0-1 \
      dse-full=6.0.0-1 \
      dse-libcassandra=6.0.0-1 \
      dse-libgraph=6.0.0-1 \
      dse-libhadoop2-client-native=6.0.0-1 \
      dse-libhadoop2-client=6.0.0-1 \
      dse-liblog4j=6.0.0-1 \
      dse-libsolr=6.0.0-1 \
      dse-libspark=6.0.0-1 \

Installing previous 6.0.x patch releases from the binary tarball

When installing from the binary tarball, you can either download the tarball and then extract the files, or use curl.

  • Download and extract specific 6.0.x tarballs:
    1. Using your Your DataStax Academy registration Profile Name and Downloads Key or email address and password, download the tarball from DataStax Enterprise directory into the current directory.
    2. Extract the files:
      tar -xzvf dse-version_number-bin.tar.gz

      For example:

      tar -xzvf dse-dse-6.0.0-bin.tar.gz
  • Use curl to install specific 6.0.x versions:
    CAUTION: If you choose this method, your password is retained in the shell history. To avoid this security issue, DataStax recommends using curl with the --netrc or --netrc-file option.
    Download and extract:
    curl --user DSA_email_address:downloads_key -L \ | tar xz

    where DSA_email_address and downloads_key are your DataStax Academy email address and My Downloads Key. Depending on your environment, you might need to replace @ in your email address with %40 and escape any character in your password that is used in your operating system's command line. Examples: \! and \|.

    For backward compatibility, you can use your DataStax Academy Profile Name and password instead of your email address and Downloads Key.

    The files are downloaded and extracted into the 6.0 directory.