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CQL to DSE version mapping

  • DSE 6.8 uses CQL 6.8
  • DSE 6.7 uses CQL 6.7
  • DSE 6.0 uses CQL 6.0
  • DSE 5.1 uses CQL 5.1

DSE maintenance only drivers

Note: DSE drivers are supported until January 1st, 2022. However, all new features and functionality will take place only in the unified DataStax drivers.
  • DSE only drivers require DSE 5.1 and later for full functionality.
Table 1. DSE drivers (only bug fixes will be included in new versions)
Driver Guides Graph Extensions Version compatibility
DSE C++ Guide DSE C++
DSE C# Guide DSE C# Graph Extension DSE C#
DSE Java Guide Included DSE Java
DSE Node.js Guide DSE Node.js Graph Extension DSE Node.js
DSE Python Guide DSE Python Graph Extension DSE Python

Studio notebooks

  • Studio 6.8 only supports DataStax Enterprise 6.8.
  • Studio 6.7 only supports DataStax Enterprise 6.7.
  • Studio 6.0 only supports DataStax Enterprise 6.0.
  • Studio 2.0 only supports DataStax Enterprise 5.1 and 5.0 (EOSL).
  • Notebooks created in earlier versions are automatically upgraded when starting later versions.

DataStax drivers for open-source Cassandra (OSS) and DSE

Note: Starting January 2020, you can use the same DataStax driver for Apache Cassandra® (OSS), DataStax Enterprise, and DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra. DataStax has unified the DSE and OSS drivers to avoid user confusion and enhance the OSS drivers with some of the features in the DSE drivers. For more information, see the Better Drivers for Cassandra blog.
  • DSE drivers are supported until January 1st, 2022. However, all new features and functionality will take place only in the unified DataStax drivers.
Table 2. DataStax drivers for open-source Cassandra (OSS) and DSE
Guides Source (GitHub) Version Compatibility Upgrade Quickstart
C++ (2.15.0) * C++ C++ C++ C++
C# (3.13.0) *

Graph extension

C# C# C# C#
Java (4.4.0) *

(includes Graph extension)

Java Java Java Java
Node.js (4.4.0) *

Graph extension

Node.js Node.js Node.js Node.js
Python (3.21.0) *

Graph extension (optional)

Python Python Python Python
* The starting versions for the unified drivers are indicated in parenthesis.

Spark Cassandra Connector

DSE Developer Guides Github
Getting started with the Spark Cassandra Connector 6.8 | 6.7 | 6.0 | 5.1 DataStax Spark Cassandra Connector

JDBC/ODBC drivers

Table 3. Driver download links plus installation and configuration documentation
Drivers (DSE 4.8 and later) DataStax instructions Simba install and configuration
DataStax ODBC Driver for Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise with CQL connector. Download DataStax ODBC install documentation
Simba JDBC Driver for Apache Cassandra®. Download. Simba JDBC Driver for Apache Cassandra guide
Simba JDBC Driver for Apache Spark®. Download JDBC install documentation (in DSE Developer Guide) Simba JDBC Driver for Apache Spark guide
Simba ODBC Driver for Spark®. Download. ODBC install documentation (in DSE Developer Guide) Simba ODBC Driver for Spark guide

New & noteworthy!

DataStax Astra DB Develop and deploy data-driven applications with a cloud-native service, without the hassles of database and infrastructure administration. See the latest Astra DB documentation. DataStax Astra Streaming A cloud native messaging and event streaming platform powered by Apache Pulsar. The public beta is now available. See the latest Astra Streaming documentation.
K8ssandra project Integrated components providing a cohesive Cassandra experience on Kubernetes. See the K8ssandra install steps for your preferred local or cloud platform:
  • Local dev installs on minikube, k3d, or kind
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
  • DigitalOcean Kubernetes (DOKS)
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
Post-install role-based K8ssandra quickstarts for:
Stargate project A comprehensive API platform to interact with Cassandra data over REST, GraphQL, and schemaless Document APIs. Enhanced Pulsar products Distribution of Apache Pulsar plus production-ready tools and features.
DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 6.8.x updates See the DSE 6.8.x Release Notes for the latest updates. Apache Cassandra® 4.0 docs Open-source Cassandra 4.0 is now GA! See the latest Cassandra documentation for descriptions of the new features and related updates.


DataStax Japanese documentation: DataStaxドキュメント