Tips for using DataStax documentation

Describes the icons used in DataStax documentation.

Version and related-docs menu

To make navigation easier, use the drop-down menu to go to a different version or a related doc (upper-right corner).

drop-list example

If the same page exists in another version, the selected version will open to that page. Otherwise, the top-level page opens.


Popup links

Popup links are indicated by dotted underlines.

Popups example

Syntax legend popup

To see the syntax legend for a command, select Show syntax legend.

To move the legend, use your cursor to click and drag the popup on your page.

Screenshot of popup window that can be moved by clicking and dragging the window.

To resize the popup, click and drag any side or corner of the syntax legend.

Screenshot of popup window that can be resized by clicking and dragging the corner or side of the popup.

What do the icons do?

Icons help you navigate, expand images, create bookmarks, and more.

Icon legend
left navigation arrow Go backwards through the topics.

Hover over the arrow to display the title of the previous topic.

expand image icon Appears when hovering over images.

Click to expand image.

right navigation arrow Go forward through the topics.

Hover over the arrow to display the title of the next topic.

PDF file icon PDF version.
expand collapse arrow Expand or collapse a section, table, or left navigation menu.

For headings and tables, you can also clink the text to expand or collapse.

Twitter icon Tweet the Docs Team. See the Feedback page.
Print this doc icon Print current page. left navigation arrow Open this page (Doc tips) from any topic.
Toggle search highlights Toggle highlighted search terms on and off. Mail icon Send email to the Docs Team.
Expand or collapse page sections Expand or collapse all sections on a page. DataStax github icon Open DataStax GitHub.
submenu indicator Indicates that a top navigation menu has submenus. Zip file icon Off the grid? Download the document Zip file to use the HTML document offline.
bookmark icon Appears when hovering over subheadings and provides a link for bookmarking.

Click to display the link in address bar.

external-link icon Indicates that the link goes to web sites external to,, and For example:

Configure your operating system to use the OpenJDK 8 (1.8.0_151 minimum).