Tips for using DataStax documentation 

Describes the icons used in DataStax documentation and tips for using search.

Popup links 

Some links display popups for filepaths or different software versions.

What do the icons do? 

Icons help you navigate, expand images, create bookmarks, and contact the DataStax Doc Team.

Icon legend
Go backwards through the topics.

Hover over the arrow to display the title of the previous topic.

Go forward through the topics.

Hover over the arrow to display the title of the next topic.

Expand or collapse a section.
Indicates that a menu topic has submenus.
Download the document Zip file. This feature replaces PDF and allows you to use the document offline.
Tweet the Docs Team.
Open this page (Doc tips) from any topic.
Send email to the Docs Team.
Open DataStax GitHub.
Print current page.
Appears when hovering over subheadings and provides a link for bookmarking.

Right-click to copy the link.

Appears when hovering over images.

Click to expand.

Searching documents 

The Search field near the top of each topic returns results for the doc you're using.

The Search Results page shows two search fields, as well as topics containing your search terms. The fields allow you to search again in the same doc or related docs. For example, when using Search related docs in DataStax Enterprise 5.0, the results include topics from Apache Cassandra™ 3.0 and CQL 3.3.

The results from Search related docs, in this case DataStax Enterprise 5.0, CQL 3.3 and Apache Cassandra, are displayed in tabs: