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DataStax Products

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DataStax Enterprise 6.7 DataStax Enterprise (DSE) is the industry's best distributed cloud database designed for hybrid cloud. DSE 6.7 guides Architecture | Administrator | Developer | Earlier versions

Docker Development and production-ready Docker images for DSE, DSE OpsCenter, and DataStax Studio. Docker Quickstart | 6.7 | 6.0 | 5.1

DataStax drivers The DataStax drivers home page lists the available drivers and version compatibility for DSE, DDAC, and open-source Cassandra (OSS), plus OSS quickstart CRUD applications.

DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra (DDAC) is fully compatible with Apache Cassandra™ 3.11 with production-certified enhancements.

DSE OpsCenter and Lifecycle Manager OpsCenter is a visual management and monitoring solution for DSE, including Lifecycle Manager for provisioning and managing DSE cluster configuration. OpsCenter 6.7 | 6.5 | 6.1

DataStax data loaders DataStax Apache Kafka™ Connector DataStax Bulk Loader DSE Graph Loader 6.7 | 6.0 | 5.1

DataStax Studio An interactive developer tool for CQL (Cassandra Query Language), Spark SQL, and DSE Graph. Studio 6.7 | 6.0 | 2.0