DataStax Security highlights

Security highlights for DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise.

Security highlights

Some of the security features in DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra® (DDAC) and DataStax Enterprise (DSE):

DDAC security DDAC uses the security capabilities present in Apache Cassandra, not DSE Advanced Security.Security Guide | Authentication | Authorization | Firewall | SSL

DSE Security guides Links to the top-level of the security guides for each version of DSE.DSE 6.7 | 6.0 | 5.1

DSE security checklists Checklists for the various kinds of security measures required for protecting a DSE database depending on the type of node. DSE 6.7 | 6.0 | 5.1

DSE Security FAQs Answers to general questions about securing your applications with DSE Advanced Security. This is a good place to start.DSE 6.7 | 6.0 | 5.1

Setting up logins and users in DSE Set up roles to manage permissions on database objects.DSE 6.7 | 6.0 | 5.1

DSE SSL and LDAP DataStax Enterprise supports SSL and LDAP. SSL 6.7 | 6.0 | 5.1LDAP 6.7 | 6.0 | 5.1