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IStatementSetPageSize Method

Sets the page size for this query. The page size controls how much resulting rows will be retrieved simultaneously (the goal being to avoid loading too much results in memory for queries yielding large results). Please note that while value as low as 1 can be used, it is highly discouraged to use such a low value in practice as it will yield very poor performance. If in doubt, leaving the default is probably a good idea.

Also note that only SELECT queries ever make use of that setting.

the page size to use. If set to 0 or less, the default value will be used. To disable paging of the result set, use int.MaxValue

Return Value

Type: IStatement
this Query object.

Namespace:  Cassandra
Assembly:  Cassandra (in Cassandra.dll) Version: 3.13.0
IStatement SetPageSize(
	int pageSize


Type: SystemInt32

Return Value

Type: IStatement
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