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IStatementSetSerialConsistencyLevel Method

Sets the serial consistency level for the query. The serial consistency level is only used by conditional updates (so INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE with an IF condition). For those, the serial consistency level defines the consistency level of the serial phase (or "paxos" phase) while the normal consistency level defines the consistency for the "learn" phase, i.e. what type of reads will be guaranteed to see the update right away. For instance, if a conditional write has a regular consistency of QUORUM (and is successful), then a QUORUM read is guaranteed to see that write. But if the regular consistency of that write is ANY, then only a read with a consistency of SERIAL is guaranteed to see it (even a read with consistency ALL is not guaranteed to be enough).

Namespace:  Cassandra
Assembly:  Cassandra (in Cassandra.dll) Version: 3.13.0
IStatement SetSerialConsistencyLevel(
	ConsistencyLevel serialConsistency


Type: CassandraConsistencyLevel
Can be set only to ConsistencyLevel.Serial or ConsistencyLevel.LocalSerial. Setting it to ConsistencyLevel.Serial guarantees full linearizability while ConsistencyLevel.LocalSerial guarantees it only in the local datacenter.

Return Value

Type: IStatement
this IStatement object.
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