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SocketOptionsReadTimeoutMillis Property

The per-host read timeout in milliseconds.

This defines how long the driver will wait for a given Cassandra node to answer a query.

Please note that this is not the maximum time a call to Execute(String) may block; this is the maximum time that call will wait for one particular Cassandra host, but other hosts will be tried if one of them timeout. In other words, a Execute(String) call may theoretically wait up to ReadTimeoutMillis * {number_of_cassandra_hosts} (though the total number of hosts tried for a given query also depends on the LoadBalancingPolicy in use). Also note that for efficiency reasons, this read timeout is approximate, it may fire up to late. It is not meant to be used for precise timeout, but rather as a protection against misbehaving Cassandra nodes.

Namespace:  Cassandra
Assembly:  Cassandra (in Cassandra.dll) Version: 3.13.0
public int ReadTimeoutMillis { get; }

Property Value

Type: Int32
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