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IStatement Properties

The IStatement type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAutoPage
Determines if the RowSet returned when executing this IStatement will automatically fetch the following result pages. Defaults to true.
Public propertyConsistencyLevel
Gets the consistency level for this query.
Public propertyIsIdempotent
Determines if this statement is idempotent, i.e. whether it can be applied multiple times without changing the result beyond the initial application.

Idempotence of the statement plays a role in ISpeculativeExecutionPolicy. If a statement is not idempotent, the driver will not schedule speculative executions for it.

When the property is null, the driver will use the default value from the GetDefaultIdempotence.
Public propertyIsTracing
Gets whether tracing is enabled for this query or not.
Public propertyKeyspace
Returns the keyspace this query operates on.

Note that not all Statement implementations specify on which keyspace they operate on so this method can return null. If null, it will operate on the default keyspace set during initialization (if it was set).

The keyspace returned is used as a hint for token-aware routing.

Public propertyOutgoingPayload
Gets custom payload for that will be included when executing this Statement.
Public propertyPageSize
Gets query's page size.
Public propertyPagingState
This object represents the next page to be fetched if the query is multi page. It can be saved and reused later on a different execution.
Public propertyQueryValues
Public propertyReadTimeoutMillis
Gets the per-host read timeout for this statement.

When the value is 0 or lower, the default value from the socket options will be used.

Public propertyRetryPolicy
Gets the retry policy sets for this query, if any.
Public propertyRoutingKey
The routing key (in binary raw form) to use for token aware routing of this query.

The routing key is optional in the sense that implementers are free to return null. The routing key is an hint used for token aware routing (see TokenAwarePolicy), and if provided should correspond to the binary value for the query partition key. However, not providing a routing key never causes a query to fail and if the load balancing policy used is not token aware, then the routing key can be safely ignored.

Public propertySerialConsistencyLevel
Gets the serial consistency level for the query.

The serial consistency level is only used by conditional updates (INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE with an IF condition).

Public propertySkipMetadata
Public propertyTimestamp
Gets the timestamp associated with this statement execution.
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