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Monitoring a DSE cluster
Information about performance characteristics, thread pool, read/write latency, table statistics, compaction metrics, and endpoint metrics.
Use DSE Metrics Collector to aggregate DSE metrics and integrate with centralized monitoring solutions to help you resolve and remediate problems.
Configure DSE Metrics Collector
Use these dsetool commands to enable and configure DSE Metrics Collector.
Enabling and disabling DSE Metrics Collector
Steps to enable and disable DSE Metrics Collector.
Configuring DSE Metrics Collector
DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Metrics Collector configuration includes tuning time intervals for when metrics are collected and configuration changes are refreshed, setting the reporting period, and defining directory sizes and locations to store metrics and metrics logs.
Exporting metrics
After configuring DSE Metrics Collector, export metrics and visualize them in a dashboard.
Using OpsCenter
Use the OpsCenter Dashboard to monitor performance metrics and view real-time and historical performance metrics.
Using DataStax tools and Java Console (JConsole) to get node and cluster statistics.
Using JConsole
Use JConsole to view JMX metrics and operations exposed by DSE.
Using nodetool
Get statistics using nodetool commands.
Using nodetool sjk
Use nodetool sjk mx to gather database information from MBeans.
Use this reference information to obtain metrics about DSE, OpsCenter, and advanced workloads.
Drivers metrics
Monitor DataStax drivers metrics, which are exposed through different libraries and APIs depending on the language.
DSE cluster metrics
Monitor core metrics for DSE clusters.
DSE Analytics cluster metrics
Monitor DSE Analytics metrics from DSEFS using JMX and MBeans.
DSE Search cluster metrics
Monitor DSE Search metrics using JMX and MBeans.
DSE Graph cluster metrics
Monitor DSE Graph metrics using JMX and MBeans.
OpsCenter Dashboard metrics
Use the OpsCenter Dashboard to track metrics that matter most to your organization.