What's new

New features for the most current major release.

New and improved features highlighted for the current OpsCenter version 6.0 release:

Table 1. New and improved OpsCenter features
Lifecycle Manager

Deploy and centrally manage configurations for DataStax Enterprise clusters version 4.7 and later using Lifecycle Manager:

  • Efficiently prevent configuration drift by defining configuration profiles that apply to the cluster, datacenter, or node level. Enforce configurations that adhere to the desired baseline configurations for datacenter workloads.
  • Manage SSH credentials for machine access when provisioning and managing clusters. Mix and match credential assignments between different clusters and datacenters. Create repositories to access the DataStax Repository or your own mirror for downloading DataStax Enterprise packages. Credential information is encrypted and securely stored.
  • After running an install, configure, or import cluster job; view the Jobs Summary and drill into details for deep transparency on the status and history of all jobs. Monitor job status with unprecedented access and deep transparency into each recorded and timestamped step of the deploy process. Drill into job details to troubleshoot provisioning and configuring jobs from the convenience of the Jobs workspace without the immediate need to scour various logs for information. Agent install jobs are also visible in the Jobs workspace. Troubleshoot and terminate any jobs that take an excessive time to execute.
DataStax Enterprise 5.0

Support for provisioning and monitoring DataStax Enterprise 5.0 clusters:

DataStax agents overhaul

Simplified and streamlined the installing, upgrading, and troubleshooting of DataStax agents into a superlative workflow:

Alerts enhancements Significant enhancements for alerts include:
  • SNMP: SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) trap alerts support for monitoring events.
  • HipChat integration for POSTing URL alerts to your organization's HipChat rooms.
  • Configurable content type and fields for POST URL alerts. Both JSON and form URL-encoded content types are supported.
  • Miscellaneous convenient alert plugin enhancements:
    • Cluster-level granularity available for all alert plugins. Configure alert notifications by one or more or all clusters. Indicate specific clusters for SNMP, email, and POST URL alerts. By default, alerts are fired for events on all clusters.
    • More flexible email alert templates, including full support for multiple email addresses per configuration.
Backup Service: Local FS backup locations Add backup locations on local filesystems. See adding a backup location for more information on the available backup location options.
Flexible support for logback Configure logback.xml in OpsCenter to suit your logging requirements. Configure security logging to record user activity in OpsCenter.
Graphite report server support Send metrics collected by OpsCenter to your configured Graphite monitoring solution. Graphite server support is an OpsCenter monitoring labs feature in development available for use now.

For a complete list of improvements, resolved issues, and known issues including the associated ticket numbers, refer to the release notes for your installed version of OpsCenter. For upgrade instructions, see the Upgrade Guide.