OpsCenter 6.0.8 Release Notes

Release notes for the OpsCenter version 6.0.8 release.


To see which versions of DataStax Enterprise are supported with OpsCenter 6.0, see the OpsCenter Compatibility chart.

For upgrade instructions, see the DataStax OpsCenter Upgrade Guide.

Known Issues

Important: Please be sure to review the list of Known Issues in OpsCenter 6.0 before running on a production cluster.


  • Removed the retry_delay config option from the [cassandra] and [storage_cassandra] sections of cluster_name.conf because the option was unused. (OPSC-10666)
  • RN: Added rolling_restart_retry_delay and rolling_restart_retry_attempts config options to the [cassandra] section of cluster_name.conf to allow customizing the timeout when waiting for nodes to restart. (OPSC-10666)
  • All memberOf attribute values are now evaluated during LDAP memberOf authentication. (OPSC-10893)
  • Fixed an issue where setting the kerberos_keytab_location and kerberos_client_principal configuration options in address.yaml prevented the agent from starting. (OPSC-10860)
  • Removed MaxPermSize from the JVM_OPTIONS for OpsCenter. (OPSC-10878)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented automatic detection of a change in Spark masters in some situations. (OPSC-10288)
  • Fixed an issue where an agent running on a distressed or down DSE node would improperly handle resources, which resulted in high CPU usage. (OPSC-10895)
  • The datastax-agent package can now be installed on centrify-managed systems that have users and groups preconfigured. (OPSC-11002)
  • Fixed a security issue where an url injection could be used to redirect to any page after login. (OPSC-11105)
  • Fixed an issue where finding the location of Java would sometimes fail prematurely. (OPSC-11227)

Lifecycle Manager (LCM)

  • Lifecycle Manager sets the rack name correctly during cluster import. (OPSC-10639)
  • Fixed a bug where Use Configured HTTP Proxy could not be unchecked in the Repository dialog. (OPSC-11072)


  • Added LiveScannedHistogram metric to track the number of cells scanned during a read. (OPSC-10786)
  • The disk partition name now appears in disk-related alerts. (OPSC-10514)
  • Fixed a bug in the message format of push notifications for histogram-based alerts. (OPSC-10798)
  • Fixed SNMP RFC adherence by adding sysUpTime to trap data. (OPSC-10927)

Backup Service

  • Fixed an issue where corrupt S3 backups caused a null-pointer exception; a helpful error message is returned instead of an NPE. (OPSC-10386)
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent restoring from Other Location from displaying errors and snapshots. (OPSC-10791)

Repair Service

  • Better handle legacy JMX (prior to DSE 5.0) and current JMX repairs. (OPSC-11146)
  • Removed an internal ID cache timeout that caused a repair that ran over ten minutes to timeout after an hour. (OPSC-11186)
  • Fixed an uncaught exception when invoking get_num_repair_tasks by preventing NoneType object is not iterable exception when seed nodes are unavailable. (OPSC-11047)