OpsCenter 6.0.9 Release Notes

Release notes for the OpsCenter version 6.0.9 release.


To see which versions of DataStax Enterprise are supported with OpsCenter 6.0, see the OpsCenter Compatibility chart.

For upgrade instructions, see the DataStax OpsCenter Upgrade Guide.

Known Issues

Important: Please be sure to review the list of Known Issues in OpsCenter 6.0 before running on a production cluster.


  • Moved agent-to-opscenter SSL settings from JVM_OPTS in the agent startup script to address.yaml. SSL settings in JVM_OPTS will continue to work as before if these settings are not specified in address.yaml. (OPSC-9398)
  • Improved error messaging when the OpsCenter keystore file cannot be read due to bad permissions. (OPSC-9300)
  • Added support for using rpc_interface or listen_interface to extract address information rather than rpc_address or listen_address. (OPSC-10873)
  • Added http headers to defend against browser-based attacks involving framing and content-sniffing. Embedding OpsCenter within an iframe is no longer possible. (OPSC-11393)
  • Added the find-keytool file to the OpsCenter tarball install. That file was added to DEB and RPM packages in OpsCenter version 6.0.6. (OPSC-11627)
  • The login page to OpsCenter now benefits from a higher api timeout value, which allows for slower authentication methods. (OPSC-10664)
  • The LDAP search_password is properly redacted at the DEBUG logging level. (OPSC-11230)
  • Fixed memberof search support when memberof attribute stores a DN (set user_memberof_stores_dn = True in LDAP section of opscenterd.conf). (OPSC-9651)
  • Fixed an issue where calculating the next run time of Best Practice rules caused timeouts on the Services page and Best Practice page. (OPSC-10053)
  • Fixed the use of cluster names in API calls. (OPSC-10408)
  • Fixed a connection leak when the OpsCenter UI was reloaded. (OPSC-11246)
  • Fix a diagnostics tarball failure on a stats exception. (OPSC-11253)
  • The OpsCenter UI now fully respects the session timeout specified under [authentication] in opscenterd.conf. (OPSC-11410)
  • Fixed a potential SQL injection exploit in the OpsCenter SQL authentication (DatastaxEnterpriseAuth) in which an attacker could potentially gain access to the OpsCenter UI and its APIs using the password of any user that exists in the database. (OPSC-11991)

Lifecycle Manager (LCM)

  • Improved error messages when meld fails to communicate over HTTP (whether communicating back to LCM, externally to download the JRE, and so forth). (OPSC-8327)
  • Improved error reporting when Lifecycle Manager initialization failures prevent OpsCenter from starting. (OPSC-10487)
  • Lifecycle Manager jobs give a useful error when 2 or more nodes share the same SSH management address. (OPSC-10992)


  • Added Stream Data In/Out metrics for monitoring data streamed between nodes historically. (OPSC-11625)
  • The OpsCenter Performance Service exposes the users who are running detected slow queries. (OPSC-10056)
  • There is a new property in the posturl.conf file, request_timeout, that can be set higher if customers are seeing alert requests timing out. The default value is the same as the value for connection_timeout and should be suitable for most cases. (OPSC-10907)
  • Fixed an issue resulting in incorrect parsing of compaction updates. (OPSC-10862)
  • Fixed a bug causing permanent loss of a small amount of metric data when opscenterd was stopped. (OPSC-11293)

Backup Service

  • The Backup Service verifies there is sufficient disk space for a restore. Any nodes with insufficient disk space and the amount of space required are displayed in the Restore Report. (OPSC-4543)
  • The OpsCenter Backup Service now accepts an optional ending slash / on Local FS destination paths. (OPSC-10681)
  • In cases where the agent didn't have write permissions to the Cassandra data directories, the backup service was failing silently and indicating success. This caused restores from those backups to fail when trying to load the schema.json file for a keyspace. This issue has been resolved and backups will fail when the permissions of the Cassandra data directories are incorrectly configured. (OPSC-11499)
  • The backup schedule UI now updates when a backup completes. (OPSC-11260)
  • Fixed an OpsCenter UI overlap fix on the Backup Service Activity page. (OPSC-10954)
  • Fixed an issue where backup destinations were being logged as invalid config keys. (OPSC-11458)
  • Fixed an issue where empty keyspaces in a snapshot to a destination would prevent the snapshot from being restored. (OPSC-11513)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Solr cores to not be recreated on restore under some configurations. (OPSC-11527)
  • Fixed S3 bucket validation delays that led to timeouts in Backup and Restore operations. (OPSC-11574)
  • Fixed an issue on timeouts at the beginning of the restore process, where the Backup Service unnecessarily gathered the size of each SSTable in the S3 bucket before performing a restore. (OPSC-11688)

Repair Service

  • Added a guard against OpsCenter starting the Repair Service after it has already been started. (OPSC-12116)
  • Fixed an issue for OpsCenter versions 6.0.6 through 6.0.8 that repair operations specified at the table level ran on the keyspace level. (OPSC-11584)