Problems running sstableloader

Workarounds for sstableloader issues on older versions of Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise.

Running sstableloader results in broken data distribution

Running sstableloader on Cassandra versions prior to 1.2.12 and DataStax Enterprise 3.1.4 or earlier results in broken data distribution. For more information, see CASSANDRA-6272.

We recommend upgrading to DataStax Enterprise 3.1.5 or higher, or Cassandra 1.2.12 or higher. Cassandra 2.0.x is unaffected.

Running sstableloader hangs on restore

Running sstableloader on DataStax Enterprise 4.0.4 when using DSEDelegateSnitch (the default snitch) or DSESimpleSnitch will cause the restore to hang. If you find that the OpsCenter restore status is stuck, run the following command on every node in your cluster:

$ sudo killall sstableloader

The workaround is to modify the group permissions of /var/lib/cassandra/data to give the opscenter-agent group write access, or wait for an update to DataStax Enterprise 4.0.x.