Configuring DataStax Agents for Multi-Instance Nodes

Configure DataStax Agents for Multi-Instance (dense) Nodes.

Configure DataStax Agents for DSE Multi-Instance (dense) Nodes.


The location of the address.yaml file depends on the type of installation:
  • Package installations: /var/lib/datastax-agent/conf/address.yaml
  • Tarball installations: install_location/conf/address.yaml


Multi-Instance requirements for DataStax Agents:

  • DSE Multi-Instance requires one agent process running for each DSE instance on a machine.
  • DataStax Agents require a manual tarball agent installation for multi-instance.
  • DataStax Agents require manual configuration in address.yaml as outlined in this procedure for Multi-Instance.


  1. Open address.yaml for editing.
  2. Set the following backup options for each agent:
    The location of the temp directory used as the staging directory for Backup Service backups and for Repair Service persistence files. The default location is /var/lib/datastax-agent/tmp. Example: tmp_dir: /var/lib/datastax-agent/tmp/
    The directory used for staging commit logs to be backed up. The default location is /var/lib/datastax-agent/commitlogs/. Example: backup_staging_dir: /var/lib/datastax-agent/commitlogs/
  3. Configure the following option so that the opscenterd (OpsCenter daemon) can send requests to the agent:
    The IP that the agent HTTP server listens on. In a multiple region deployment, this is typically a private IP. Default: Matches rpc_interface from cassandra.yaml. Example: agent_rpc_interface:
    Note: The agent_rpc_interface must be unique for each agent.
  4. Configure the following option to connect to a Cassandra instance over JMX. The JMX port must always be configured for DSE Multi-Instance.
    Port used to connect to local JMX server. The default setting is 7199. This information will be sent by opscenterd for convenience, but can be configured locally as needed. Example: jmx_port: 7199
    Note: The JMX port must be unique for each instance of DSE.
  5. Depending on the configuration of your environment, configure the following option for connecting to OpsCenter:
    Reachable IP address of the opscenterd machine. The connection made will be on stomp_port. Example: stomp_interface:
  6. Restart the DataStax Agents.