Disabling SSL/TLS for OpsCenter and Agent communication - Package Installations

To disable SSL for package installations, modify the OpsCenter configuration file and restart OpsCenter.

By default SSL is turned off in OpsCenter. Perform this task if you have configured the agents on a cluster to use SSL previously and now need to turn SSL off.


  1. Open opscenterd.conf in an editor and add the following to disable SSL.
    sudo vi /etc/opscenter/opscenterd.conf
    use_ssl = false
  2. Restart the OpsCenter daemon.
  3. Reconfigure the agents.
    Tip: If you do not want to manually edit all of the node configuration files, follow the installing DataStax agents automatically procedure.
    1. Log into each node in the cluster using ssh.
      ssh user@node
      Where node is either the host name of the node or its IP address and user is the user ID on the node.
    2. Edit the address.yaml file, changing the value of use_ssl to 0.
      sudo vi /var/lib/opscenter/address.yaml
      use_ssl: 0
    3. Restart the agent.
      sudo service datastax-agent restart
  4. After opscenterd and all agents have been configured and restarted, verify proper agent connection through the Agent Status tab.