New features

New and improved features for the most current major release of OpsCenter Monitoring and Lifecycle Manager for DataStax Enterprise clusters.

New and improved features highlighted for the current OpsCenter version 6.1 release.

Table 1. New and improved OpsCenter monitoring and Lifecycle Manager deploy features for DSE clusters
DataStax Enterprise 5.1 Support for provisioning and monitoring DataStax Enterprise 5.1 clusters:
Repair Service Overhauled the OpsCenter Repair Service, including refactoring for reliability and performance:
Backup Service Added features for flexible backup and restore workflows:
  • Ability to enable backup failure alerts as an event to the Event log, which can be configured to alert as an email or posted URL to a chat room.
  • Back up and restore a datacenter.
  • Added a rule to the Best Practice Service when Commit Log Archiving is inconsistent.
  • Added an unset throttle warning when restoring a backup.
  • Cloning a backup from a Local FS location.
  • Point-in-time restores from a Local FS location.
DataStax agents improvements Improved flexibility for managing DataStax agents:
  • Added backward-compatibility with agent versions that allow similar but different agent versions to co-exist with the installed OpsCenter version without loss of feature service. This feature provides flexibility with regard to maintaining a DSE cluster within OpsCenter.
  • Exposed the DataStax Agent API in a Swagger UI console. See Enable and access the DataStax Agent API.
  • Enhanced UI design for conveying Agents Status:
    • Vastly improved visibility of agent version and agent compatibility, including better built-in guidance on when it is imperative that all agents get upgraded.
    • Tooltips explain each column purpose in the Agent Status.
    • A red icon appears on the Agents tab for increased visibility when agents are unhealthy.
    • Replaced text in each status column and row with intuitive icons with tooltips for faster scanning of agent status.
New metrics Added metrics for DSE Graph and messaging latency:
Best Practice Service Added a rule for Commit Log Archiving Setting Enabled Consistency Best Practice Rule. The rule ensures new nodes added to a cluster with Commit Log Archiving (CLA) enabled also have CLA enabled, which helps prevent data loss particularly during a Point-in-Time restore using the Backup Service. The rule checks to make sure all nodes within a cluster have Commit Log Archiving enabled.
Access Logs from the OpsCenter UI Access critical logs from within the Node Details dialog in OpsCenter monitoring. These logs are a labs feature. See Viewing logs from node details.
Lifecycle Manager (LCM) LCM now runs jobs concurrently across different clusters for faster job completion.

For a complete list of improvements, resolved issues, and known issues including the associated ticket numbers and links to KB articles for any workarounds, refer to the release notes and known issues for your installed version of OpsCenter.

For upgrade instructions, see the DSE OpsCenter Upgrade Guide.