OpsCenter 6.1.10 Release Notes

Release notes for the OpsCenter version 6.1.10 release.

26 September 2018


  • Implemented numerous fixes and enhancements for backing up to Amazon S3.
  • Added multi-role support for LDAP authentication.
  • Statistics of all Distributed Subrange (DSR) tasks are now reported by the OpsCenter API, including completed, in-progress, and failed statistics.

Upgrade Information

Important: Review the 6.1 changes pertinent to the release as noted in the DataStax OpsCenter Upgrade Guide. Configuration and other notable changes are provided in detail.


To see which versions of DataStax Enterprise are supported with OpsCenter 6.x, see the OpsCenter Compatibility chart.

Known Issues

Important: Review the list of known issues before running a new OpsCenter version on a production DSE cluster.

Changes in this release

The following changes are included in this release.

  • The DataStax agent now supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) with remote JMX. (OPSC-8375)
  • Added multi-role support for LDAP authentication. Added additional 'roles' field to '/users' and '/users/\{username\}' GET responses for getting all roles that a user belongs to. (OPSC-12740)
  • Corrected an issue that prevented the failover OpsCenter instance from connecting to the DataStax Agents during failover. (OPSC-11742)
  • Fixed an issue with the POST URL event plugin that was logging error messages during successful POST operations. (OPSC-13643)
  • Improved favicon display in several web browsers. (OPSC-13788)
  • Fixed an issue where OpsCenter indicated that a change to the OpsCenter keyspace replication strategy failed, when selecting the link from the notification about the OpsCenter keyspace using SimpleStrategy for replication in a multi-datacenter environment. (OPSC-14406)
  • OpsCenter now drops compact storage option from all tables inside the configured OpsCenter keyspace. (OPSC-14442)
  • Enhanced OpsCenter to properly log exceptions from LDAP if group names contain Unicode characters. (OPSC-14452)
  • Reduced memory usage in opscenterd when requests are made to the DataStax Agent. (OPSC-15037)
  • Moved destination validation from OpsCenter to the DataStax Agent. (OPSC-14611)
  • Support added for new Read Coordination and Hint metrics added in DSE 5.0.12 (OPSC-12230):
    • Read Requests - Local Node Non Replica
    • Read Requests - Preferred Other Replicas
    • Hints on Disk
    • Hint Replay Success Rate
    • Hint Replay Error Rate
    • Hint Replay Timeout Rate
    • Hint Replay Received Rate
  • Implemented a change so that data for average time and average request for Solr cores comes from QueryMetrics MBean rather than older Solr MBeans. (OPSC-14845)
  • Improved the color scheme for node status in OpsCenter. (OPSC-12618)
  • Fixed an issue where the graph zoom button does not work when the legend is expanded. (OPSC-13413)
  • Fixed an issue where nodes were sometimes incorrectly indicated as DOWN in OpsCenter when they were actually UP. (OPSC-14299)
Backup Service
  • Added support to use system default credentials for Amazon S3 backups as described in Working with AWS credentials. (OPSC-5161)
  • Added proxy server support for Amazon S3 backup and restore. (OPSC-6978)
  • Backups to Amazon S3 locations now support Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration. (OPSC-10271)
  • Upgraded Java AWS SDK to version 1.11.328. (OPSC-14454)
  • Fixed an issue that caused backup history pagination to fail when many events shared the same time. (OPSC-12836)
  • Added support for backing up encryption keys other than system_key, plus support for backing up multiple keys. (OPSC-12914)
  • Fixed an issue where a restore would fail if the backup was taken shortly after dropping a column from a table. (OPSC-13029)
  • Fixed an issue where snapshots containing one or more SASI indexes could not be restored due to an invalid SSTable name exception during the validation checks. (OPSC-13314)
  • Fixed a small rendering issue in Restore from Backup: Other Location form. (OPSC-14226)
  • Fixed a bug requiring the user to double click on the plus (+) button when selecting a keyspace from the Create Backup dialog. (OPSC-14228)
  • Added support to configure the backup storage directory (backup_storage_dir) using the commit log backup settings. (OPSC-14496)
  • Fixed an issue when using multi-level prefix paths as locations for the Backup Service. (OPSC-14687)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause problems when restoring materialized views. (OPSC-14727)
  • Fixed an issue where AWS regions specified as remote_backup_region values in the cluster configuration file were not used as bucket defaults. (OPSC-14775)
  • Fixed an issue with where the AWS Credentials Provider Chain was not respected in relations to IAM Roles. (OPSC-14939)
  • Fixed an issue in OpsCenter where editing an Amazon S3 destination after a restart shows Enable S3 server-side encryption and Enable S3 transfer acceleration enabled when they are not. (OPSC-14982)
  • Fixed an issue that caused schema files to be sent repeatedly to a destination during a backup. (OPSC-15009)
  • Fixed a memory leak in the Backup Service job execution cache. (OPSC-15015)
  • Reduced memory required when the Backup Service is taking a snapshot. (OPSC-15046)
  • Amazon S3 destinations now support selecting a region from all currently available regions in the UI. (OPSC-14692)
Repair Service
  • Omitted verbose C3P0 logging from the DataStax Agent log file. (OPSC-14176)
  • Added safeguards to prevent orphaned repair tasks from affecting the currently running repair jobs, which could have caused Repair Service jobs to deadlock. (OPSC-14218)
  • Statistics of all Distributed Subrange (DSR) tasks are now reported by the OpsCenter API, including completed, in-progress, and failed statistics. (OPSC-14873)
  • Fixed a bug for Distributed Subrange Repair (DSR) to honor the max_parallel_repairs property, which was remaining at a value of 1 regardless the specified value. (OPSC-14947)
  • Added tooltips for several custom URLs to provide examples of what Lifecycle Manager (LCM) needs them to point to. (OPSC-14060)
  • LCM UI form dialogs now display a loading animation while loading form values on slow connections. Form inputs will be grayed out while in the loading state. (OPSC-14123)
  • Fixed an issue where column names overlapped in the key_provider edit dialog in LCM. (OPSC-10990)
  • Enlarged the ssh-key field in LCM to improve readability when entering SSH keys. (OPSC-13509)
  • Fixed a bug where LCM UI form dialogs would reset values to the original state while being edited. (OPSC-14025)
  • Fixed an issue where the native_transport_port_ssl setting was ignored when changing the default CQL password. (OPSC-14030)
  • Modified the locations that LCM uses to traverse the cluster model when determining the SSH management port. (OPSC-14258)
  • Improved error message returned when the $JAVA_HOME environment variable is invalid. (OPSC-14390)
  • Fixed an issue where LCM jobs would fail to terminate when aborted. (OPSC-14410)
  • Disallow LCM to import a cluster when opscenterd is not fully communicating with a cluster. (OPSC-13367)
  • Fixed an issue where sparklines in the cluster Overview pane would initially load, but not update. (OPSC-13913)
  • Fixed an issue where decommissioning a node would sometimes result in an error indicating that OpsCenter tried to cancel an already-cancelled event. (OPSC-14016)