OpsCenter 6.1.3 Release Notes

Release notes for the OpsCenter version 6.1.3 release.

21 September 2017


  • Added an OS supported platform check for DSE installs in LCM.
  • Added a Labs feature to use the AWS CLI instead of the AWS SDK when bulk loading backups to Amazon S3. Significant performance impact!
  • Added the ability to sync a snapshot to a destination for On Server backups.

Upgrade Information

Important: Review the 6.1 changes pertinent to the release as noted in the DSE OpsCenter Upgrade Guide. Configuration and other notable changes are provided in detail.


To see which versions of DataStax Enterprise are supported with OpsCenter 6.x, see the OpsCenter Compatibility chart.

Known Issues

Important: Review the list of known issues before running a new OpsCenter version on a production DSE cluster.

Changes in this release

The following changes are included in this release.

  • Timeouts for all API calls are proportional to default_api_timeout setting. (OPSC-12206)
  • Added a Hide and Show toggle for the status panels on the Nodes page. (OPSC-12424)
  • Fixed memory leak in node list tooltips. (OPSC-12614)
  • Fixed an issue where LDAP sockets remained open after failed login attempts. (OPSC-12656)
  • Now show loading indicator while service panels initialize. (OPSC-12714)
  • Fixed bug where service panels would stay in error state after server restart. (OPSC-12749)
  • Fixed broken View in List link in cluster ring popup menus. (OPSC-12786)
  • Fixed stack trace when details requested for a node with agent down. (OPSC-12788)
  • Fixed an issue where the DataStax Agent would stop responding due to a bug during configuration changes. (OPSC-12921)
Backup Service
  • Added the ability to sync a snapshot to a destination for On Server backups. (OPSC-12574)
  • Added the ability to auto retry syncing backups to destinations. (OPSC-12575)
  • Improved the resiliency of the DataStax Agent during backups. (OPSC-12576)
  • Added a configuration option to use the AWS CLI (Command Line Interface) scripts for bulk uploading rather than the S3 API when backing up to Amazon S3. Using the Amazon S3 cli is a labs feature that must be enabled. (OPSC-12688)
  • Made the destination verification timeout configurable. (OPSC-10409)
  • Local FS destinations for Backup Service now respects the throttling parameter. (OPSC-12174)
  • Fixed scrolling on dialog content when browser window is small. (OPSC-12562)
  • Corrected an issue where a failed backup could result in excessive error messages in the opscenterd log. (OPSC-11122)
  • Backup process is more resilient to lost progress messages. (OPSC-12758)
  • Contains fix for leaking file descriptors when the backup service takes a snapshot. (OPSC-12900)
  • Fixed an issue where the restore rate was not displaying in the ui. (OPSC-12974)
  • Fixed an issue where having more than one scheduled backup would cause the ui list to display nothing. (OPSC-12873)
Repair Service
  • Repair Service will now switch away from the Status tab when it is detected to be inactive. (OPSC-11223)
  • Fixed an issue where leaving the repair service status open for longer periods of time could slow down the UI. (OPSC-12833)
  • Fixed an issue with Out of Memory errors in opscenterd on the Repair Service Status page by removing the bottom Repair Tasks panel and optimizing the repair-status API endpoint. (OPSC-12857)
  • Fixed a bug that indicated the incorrect agent minimum version. (OPSC-12896)
Performance Service
  • Fixed column sorting in the Slow Queries page of the Performance Service. (OPSC-11704)
Best Practice Service
  • Best Practice Rule for Secondary Index Cardinality no longer fails for system keyspaces. (OPSC-6913)
Lifecycle Manager (LCM) Provisioning
  • Improved a meld error concerning PID file permissions to be more informative. (OPSC-12537)
  • LCM now performs a check during install and import jobs to ensure the OS platform is supported for the version of DSE being installed. This behavior can be overridden with the new disable_platform_check config option in the lifecycle_manager section of opscenterd.conf. (OPSC-11592)
  • Corrected a bug that could cause comments to fail to display in LCM cluster, datatacenter, and node edit pages. (OPSC-12558)
  • Fixed a rendering issue with user_defined config profile editor in LCM. (OPSC-12559)