OpsCenter 6.1.5 Release Notes

Release notes for the OpsCenter version 6.1.5 release.

14 November 2017

Upgrade Information

Important: Review the 6.1 changes pertinent to the release as noted in the DSE OpsCenter Upgrade Guide. Configuration and other notable changes are provided in detail.


To see which versions of DataStax Enterprise are supported with OpsCenter 6.x, see the OpsCenter Compatibility chart.

Known Issues

Important: Review the list of known issues before running a new OpsCenter version on a production DSE cluster.

Changes in this release

The following changes are included in this release.

  • XHRStream communications failover automatically to long polling after 1 minute. (OPSC-9454)
  • Removed tooltip question marks from the tab order sequence in the Edit Cluster Connections dialog in OpsCenter Monitoring. (OPSC-11022)
  • Fixed related resources links for jobs and nodes associated with a cluster. (OPSC-12972)
  • Improved layout on a few OpsCenter Monitoring pages and dialogs to avoid excessive scrollbars. (OPSC-12995)
  • Fixed a layout issue with cluster seed text area (expanded the Enter host or IP box in the Connect to Existing Cluster dialog). (OPSC-4350)
  • Fixed an issue where opscenterd was unnecessarily migrating table metadata on every restart. (OPSC-12001)
  • Fixed a rendering bug causing harmless browser console messages when opening the Node Details dialog. (OPSC-12997)
  • Fixed a bug with rendering of sparklines on the global OpsCenter Monitoring dashboard. (OPSC-13038)
  • Fixed timeout that caused the OpsCenter UI to fail to load. (OPSC-13053)
  • Fixed a bug with the Cluster Connections Settings dialog rendering properly when resized smaller. (OPSC-13116)
  • Fixed a bug where a secondary OpsCenter instance would generate an invalid link to the primary OpsCenter when https is enabled. (OPSC-13140)
  • Fixed rendering edge case in agent grid affecting horizontal scrolling in narrow windows. (OPSC-13262)
  • Added support for Percent Data Repaired (previously SSTables Repaired) metrics at the node and table levels for DSE versions 5.0.6 and later. (OPSC-12982)
  • Moved the metrics dropdown tooltip to the left to avoid occluding the scrollbar. (OPSC-13077)
Backup Service
  • Improved error message when destination pre-test fails. (OPSC-13159)
  • Add messages to detail the agent activity during a backup. (OPSC-13242)
  • Fixed a UI bug when reporting backup progress on large clusters. (OPSC-4430)
  • Fixed a bug with header spacing in the restore from backup list. (OPSC-5778)
  • Updated the backup report dialog to include empty tables because their schema is backed up. (OPSC-12703)
  • Fixed a bug where only a subset of keyspaces were shown in the Restore from Backup dialog keyspace selector. (OPSC-13010)
  • Improved resize behavior of Restore from Backup dialog. (OPSC-13049)
  • Corrected an issue that prevented restores to DSE 4.8 clusters with optional client-to-server ssl. (OPSC-13155)
  • Corrected an issue where scheduled backups with a cleanup policy would always fail if a retry sync was triggered. (OPSC-13234)
Repair Service
  • Increased Repair Service tokenranges_partitions default value to 2^20, matching what DSE uses for its Merkle tree depth in CASSANDRA-5263. (OPSC-12901)
  • Fixed an issue where repair service pausing event log messages were generated when the repair service wasn't running. (OPSC-13002)
Lifecycle Manager (LCM) Provisioning
  • LCM now supports Amazon Linux AMI 2016.09 and 2017.03. (OPSC-6582)
  • Improved the error message when an LCM password change prevents connecting to CQL. (OPSC-12535)
  • LCM now allows debug log to be disabled through the logback.xml configuration. (OPSC-13109)
  • Added a tooltip for the advanced-jvm-options field in the jvm-options UI of LCM Config Profiles. (OPSC-13122)
  • Added a tooltip for the endpoint snitch in the cassandra.yaml UI of LCM Config Profiles. (OPSC-13123)
  • Added a 30 second timeout for HTTP requests in Meld. Among other potential HTTP endpoint issues, this addresses LCM jobs hanging while trying to download the JDK. (OPSC-13134)
  • The LCM UI now explicitly defaults nodes' rack field to rack1. (OPSC-10814)
  • LCM now sets secure permissions on the directories and files it creates for signing and storing SSL certificates. (OPSC-11793)
  • LCM now gives a better error message when SSL certificate creation fails due to clock drift on the target node. (OPSC-12321)
  • Fixed charset issue resulting in superfluous non-ASCII characters displaying in the LCM UI. (OPSC-12932)
  • Fixed a bug on LCM UI where a datacenter name would erroneously be displayed on the Run Job dialogs for a cluster. (OPSC-12965)
  • Fixed a bug in LCM where cluster imports were always failing during the supported platform check. (OPSC-13218)
  • LCM will now retry the Oracle JRE download twice if it has a connection or timeout error. (OPSC-13293)