Configuring DSE Graph in LCM

Configure DSE Graph workloads in LCM.

Setting up Lifecycle Manager for DSE Graph workloads is fast and easy. Make sure you configure the DSE Graph-specific options when adding a config profile or adding a datacenter.


  1. When adding a config profile:
    1. Required: Select dse v5.0.1 or later as the DataStax Enterprise Version.

    2. Optional: Configuration options are available in the DSE Graph section of dse.yaml in a Lifecycle Manager Config Profile. Override the defaults if necessary. For more information about configuration options, see Configuring DSE Graph options in the dse.yaml file.

      Note: Some advanced DSE Graph properties can only be set using the API. For more information, see DSE Graph properties (DSE 5.0.1+ only).
  2. Required: When adding a datacenter to a cluster in the Clusters workspace, select the DSE Graph (DSE 5.0+ Only) option in the Add Datacenter dialog: