New features in DSE Opscenter

New and improved features for the most current major release of OpsCenter Monitoring and Lifecycle Manager for DataStax Enterprise clusters.

New and improved features highlighted for the current OpsCenter version 6.5 release.

Table 1. New and improved OpsCenter monitoring and Lifecycle Manager deploy features for DSE clusters
DataStax Enterprise 6.0 Support for provisioning and monitoring DataStax Enterprise 6.0 clusters, including:
  • Configuring AlwaysOn SQL in Lifecycle Manager
  • Monitoring AlwaysOn SQL nodes in OpsCenter Monitoring
Lifecycle Manager (LCM)
  • Upgrade DSE minor patch versions! Upgrades are supported for minor versions within a major release series, which includes DSE versions 5.0.x, 5.1.x, and 6.0.x and later at this time. Clone a config profile and run an upgrade job to push upgrade versions at the datacenter, rack, or node levels. See Example: Upgrading DSE to a minor release using LCM and Running an upgrade job.
  • Cloning configuration profiles for upgrading DSE patch releases, or for development or testing purposes.
  • Validation for configuration profiles. Any errors in a config profile are highlighted in red text and displayed at the top of the config profile page. Clicking an error brings you to the location of the error within the config profile for correcting the issue.
  • Concurrency Levels: LCM runs jobs at a specified concurrency level. Granularity of the concurrency level trades completing jobs faster at the expense of cluster availability.
  • LCM no longer requires setting up a repository within LCM if your organization has manually configured a DataStax repo externally from LCM.
  • Declarative password management. When authentication is enabled, it is no longer necessary to enter credentials in the Job dialogs every time a job is run. After enabling authentication in a Config Profile, entering credentials at the cluster level is required only one time. Future credential changes are allowed. See Editing a cluster for details on entering credentials.
NodeSync Service Automatically synchronize keyspace and table replicas as a background process. Keep data consistent and monitor status progress with alerts and dashboard graphs based on NodeSync metrics.
New metrics
Backup Service
  • The AWS CLI feature for bulk uploading backups to Amazon S3 has been promoted from an OpsCenter Labs feature to an official production feature. Adjust your use_s3_cli configs from the[labs] section to the [backups] section.
  • Improved backup and restore for DSE Graphs.

For a complete list of improvements, resolved issues, and known issues (including the associated ticket numbers and links to KB articles for any workarounds), refer to the release notes and known issues for your installed version of OpsCenter.

For upgrade instructions, see Upgrading DSE OpsCenter.