OpsCenter 6.5.3 Release Notes

Release notes for the OpsCenter and Lifecycle Manager version 6.5.3 release.

10 September 2018


Implemented a fix for a critical bug that caused all active, compressed SSTable backups to be cleaned up unnecessarily, resulting in incomplete backups. Active, uncompressed SSTable backup files were unaffected.

Upgrade Information

Important: Review the 6.5 changes pertinent to the release as noted in Upgrading DSE OpsCenter. Configuration and other notable changes are provided in detail.


To see which versions of DataStax Enterprise (DSE) are supported with OpsCenter 6.x, see the OpsCenter Compatibility chart.

Known Issues

Important: Review the list of known issues before running a new OpsCenter version on a production DSE cluster.

Changes in this release

The following changes are included in this release.

  • Logging levels for OpsCenter and all DataStax agents in a cluster can now be set with a curl command. (OPSC-7105)
  • The DataStax agent now supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) with remote JMX. (OPSC-8375)
  • Added multi-role support for LDAP authentication. Added additional 'roles' field to '/users' and '/users/\{username\}' GET responses for getting all roles that a user belongs to. (OPSC-12740)
  • Corrected an issue that prevented the failover OpsCenter instance from connecting to the DataStax agents during failover. (OPSC-11742)
  • Improved favicon display in several browsers. (OPSC-13788)
  • Reduced memory usage in opscenterd when requests are made to agents. (OPSC-15037)
Backup Service
  • Fixed an issue when using multi-level prefix paths in Backup Service. (OPSC-14687)
  • Restored marker in the backups location dialogue indicating that AWS key and secret are required for user supplied credentials. (OPSC-14702)
  • Fixed an issue where remote_backup_region values specified in the cluster configuration file were not used as bucket defaults. (OPSC-14775)
  • Fixed an issue with AWS Credentials Provider Chain related to IAM Roles. (OPSC-14939)
  • Fixed an issue in the UI where editing an Amazon S3 destination after restarting OpsCenter shows Enable S3 server-side encryption and Enable S3 transfer acceleration enabled when they are not. (OPSC-14982)
  • Fixed an issue that caused schema files to be repeatedly sent to a destination during a backup. (OPSC-15009)
  • Fixed a memory leak in the backup job execution cache. (OPSC-15015)
Repair Service
  • Omit verbose C3P0 logging from agent log file. (OPSC-14176)
  • Statistics of all DSR tasks are now reported by the API, not just stats of tasks that are completed or in-progress. (OPSC-14873)
Restore Service
  • Amazon S3 destinations now support selecting a region from all currently available regions in the UI. (OPSC-14692)
  • Destination validation logic now happens in a DataStax agent. (OPSC-14611)
  • OpsCenter will now properly log exceptions from LDAP containing Unicode characters. (OPSC-14452)
  • Corrected an issue that caused the restore status to initially show 100% then reset to 0%. (OPSC-14995)
  • Improved the color scheme in the node status UI. (OPSC-12618)
  • Added information about upgrade jobs to the cluster workspace tooltip. (OPSC-13107)
  • Enlarged the SSH Private Key field in LCM UI to improve readability when entering SSH keys. (OPSC-13509)
  • Improve LCM error messages when invalid characters are submitted for usernames or entity names. (OPSC-14411)
  • Improved error message when LCM attempts to update the default administrator password in the cassandra CQL account, but no new password has been specified on the LCM cluster model. (OPSC-14586)
  • Performing a minor upgrade on yum-based systems when dse-demos is installed no longer upgrades DSE to the latest available version. (OPSC-14608)