Defining the cluster topology

Define the cluster topology for DSE at the cluster, datacenter, and node levels.

Manually create the cluster topology model that reflects an existing cluster when nodes do not have similar SSH credentials required for an automatic import of the cluster topology.

Datacenters can inherit certain shared settings from a cluster. Nodes can inherit certain shared settings from a datacenter or a cluster.

When defining the cluster topology, complete the following tasks in the listed order.


  1. Add clusters.
  2. Add datacenters.
  3. Add nodes.


The following graphic shows the fully expanded and populated Clusters, Datacenters, and Nodes panes prior to running an install and configure job:

Table 1. Topology status legend
Status Icon Description
Not run (red flag) An install job has not been run on the topology. See running a job.
Import (unmanaged cluster) (red plus sign) An existing cluster is not being managed by Lifecycle Manager. Click Start Managing and follow instructions to automatically import the cluster.
Success The job ran successfully on a topology model (cluster, datacenter, or node).
Failure (red universal no access symbol) The job run on a topology model (cluster, datacenter, or node) failed. Investigate the issue by drilling into the job details. Try running the job again.