New features in DSE OpsCenter 6.8

New and improved features for the most current major release of OpsCenter Monitoring and Lifecycle Manager for DataStax Enterprise clusters.

The following pages describe the new features in the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) OpsCenter 6.8 release, including major changes from the previous major version.

For a complete list of improvements, resolved issues, and known issues (including the associated ticket numbers and links to KB articles for any workarounds), refer to the release notes and known issues for your installed version of OpsCenter.

For upgrade instructions, see Upgrading DSE OpsCenter.

New features

The following new and improved features are highlighted for the current DSE OpsCenter version 6.8 release:

Updates from OpsCenter 6.7

OpsCenter 6.8.0 includes patch release updates from OpsCenter 6.7.1 through OpsCenter 6.7.7.