Deleting a datacenter

About this task

Delete a datacenter from managing within Lifecycle Manager. Removing a datacenter also removes its child nodes.

Deleting a datacenter in LCM instructs LCM to stop managing the nodes, but does not decommission them. Prior to deleting a datacenter in LCM, use OpsCenter to decommission the associated nodes.


  1. Click Clusters from the Lifecycle Manager navigation menu.

  2. Select a cluster in the Clusters pane.

    The Datacenters pane appears.

  3. Select the datacenter to unmanage in the Datacenters pane.

  4. Click Delete from the Datacenters pane menu.

    A dialog prompts you to confirm removing the datacenter and its nodes from management within LCM.

  5. Click Delete.

    The datacenter no longer appears in the Datacenters pane, and its nodes no longer appear in the Nodes pane.