Deleting a node

About this task

Remove a node from a cluster topology in Lifecycle Manager (LCM). Deleting a node in LCM instructs LCM to stop managing the node, but does not decommission it. Prior to deleting a node in LCM, use OpsCenter to decommission the node.


  1. Click Clusters from the Lifecycle Manager navigation menu.

  2. Select a cluster in the Clusters pane.

    The Datacenters pane displays.

  3. Select a datacenter in the Datacenters pane.

    The Nodes pane displays.

  4. Select the node to unmanage in the Nodes pane.

  5. Click Delete from the Nodes pane menu.

    A dialog prompts you to confirm removing the node from management within LCM.

  6. Click Delete.

    The node no longer appears in the Nodes pane.