DataStax connection

Configure the connection settings from Apache Pulsar™ to the cluster.


 connectionPoolLocalSize: 4
 contactPoints: [dse_host_list]
 loadBalancing.localDc: datacenter_name
 port: 9042
 maxConcurrentRequests: 500
 maxNumberOfRecordsInBatch: 32
 queryExecutionTimeout: 30
 jmx: true
 compression: None

Number of connections that driver maintains within a connection pool to each node in the local datacenter.

Default: 4


A comma-separated list of host names or IP addresses in square brackets.

When this setting is specified (for example, the database is on a remote host), the loadBalancing.localDc parameter is required.

Default: localhost


The case-sensitive datacenter name for the driver to use for load balancing.

You cannot use this option if specifying the [cloud.secureConnectBundle]( option for connecting to a DataStax Astra database.

Default: ""


DSE native transport port. See native_transport_port.

Default: 9042


Maximum number of requests to send to DSE at the same time.

Default: 500


Number of records to include in a write request to the database table.

Default: 32


Whether to enable metrics reporting using Java Management Extensions (JMX).

Default: true


Compression algorithm to use when issuing requests to the database server. Valid values are None, Snappy, and LZ4, which is applied per connector instance.

Default: None


CQL statement execution timeout, in seconds.

Default: 30