Removing a field map

DataStax Apache Pulsar™ Connector processing fails if any mapped Pulsar topic fields are missing from the record. If a field is missing or if the schema change is known ahead, remove the topic-column mapping.

The database table schema has PRIMARY KEY columns that uniquely identify and partition rows. See CQL data modeling. A NULL is not allowed in a PRIMARY KEY column, therefore, each PRIMARY KEY column must have a field-column map.
  1. On a supported database node, use the CQLSH DESCRIBE TABLE command to verify that the field is not a PRIMARY KEY (PK) column.

    If the field is a PK column, map a different field to the column.
  2. Remove the field to column mapping from the configuration. See Mapping pulsar topics to database tables.

  3. Update the configuration with the new settings. See cfgPulsarUpdateConfig.adoc.

  4. Start the Pulsar producer that had the schema change.