Providing credentials with cqlsh

Create a cqlshrc file to use credentials when launching a CQL shell session.

Typically, after configuring authentication, logging into cqlsh requires the -u and -p options to the cqlsh command. To set credentials for use when launching cqlsh, create or modify the .cassandra/cqlshrc file. When present, this file passes default login information to cqlsh. See the cqlshrc.sample.


The default location of the cqlshrc.sample files depends on the type of installation:

Package installations
Installer-Services installations


Tarball installations
Installer-No Services installations



  1. Create or modify the cqlshrc file that specifies a role name and password.
    username = fred
    password = !!bang!!$
  2. Save the file in home/.cassandra directory and name it cqlshrc.
  3. Set permissions on the file to prevent unauthorized access, as the password is stored in plain text. The file must be readable by the user that starts cassandra.
    chmod 440 home/.cassandra/cqlshrc
  4. Check the permissions on home/.cassandra/cqlshrc_history to ensure that plain text passwords are not compromised.