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DataStax Studio 6.0 is an interactive developer tool for CQL (Cassandra Query Language), Spark SQL, and DSE Graph.
Studio architecture and security
Architecture and security of DataStax Studio.
About notebooks
Information about DataStax Studio self-documenting notebooks.
Release notes for DataStax Studio 6.0.x.
Studio 6.0.2 release notes
Release notes for DataStax Studio 6.0.2.
Studio 6.0.1 release notes
Release notes for DataStax Studio 6.0.1.
Studio 6.0.0 release notes
Release notes for DataStax Studio 6.0.0.
Installing Studio
Steps for installing and running DataStax Studio 6.0.
Upgrading Studio
Upgrading to DataStax Studio 6.0.
Information about starting and using DataStax Studio 6.0.
Starting and stopping Studio
Starting and stopping DataStax Studio.
Creating a connection
Creating a connection from a Studio notebook to a DSE cluster.
Using graph
Interactively create and explore contextual views of data.
Using CQL
Interacting with data in a DSE cluster by writing and executing CQL code in a notebook.
Using Spark SQL
Writing, testing, and running Spark SQL queries against DSE clusters.
Listing notebooks
Listing and filtering notebooks in DataStax Studio.
Using notebook history
Saving and restoring notebook revisions in DataStax Studio.
Defining run behavior
Managing execution configurations to define run behavior for a code cell.
Exporting notebooks
Steps to export a notebook.
Importing notebooks
Steps to import notebooks.
Basic and advanced configuration for DataStax Studio 6.0.
Configuring Studio
The default configuration should not require adjusting. You can configure different aspects of how Studio runs.
The DataStax Studio configuration file for basic configuration options.
Advanced configuration options
Configuration options are not explicitly declared and set in configuration.yaml.
User data
All about user data in DataStax Studio.
JVM settings
How to specify JVM command-line options for DataStax Studio.
Reference information for DataStax Studio 6.0, including default imports and Notebook keyboard shortcuts.
Creating a simple notebook
Steps to create a simple notebook in DataStax Studio.
Configuring a notebook
Steps to change the name, connection, and graph of a Studio notebook.
Default imports
The default imports for DataStax Studio gremlin cells.
Keyboard shortcuts
Studio notebook keyboard shortcuts for edit mode and command mode.
Notebook cells
Description of notebook cells in DataStax Studio.
Studio FAQ
Frequently asked questions about DataStax Studio 6.0.
Troubleshooting Studio
Fixing problems in DataStax Studio 6.0.