DataStax Enterprise 6.0 will no longer be supported beginning December 2022. This document is no longer updated.
For more, see the Upgrade Guide and our Supported Software.

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DataStax Studio 6.0 is an interactive developer tool for CQL (Cassandra Query Language), Spark SQL, and DSE Graph.
Release notes for DataStax Studio 6.0.x.
Steps for installing and running DataStax Studio 6.0.
Upgrading to DataStax Studio 6.0.
Information about starting and using DataStax Studio 6.0.
Basic and advanced configuration for DataStax Studio 6.0.
Reference information for DataStax Studio 6.0, including default imports and Notebook keyboard shortcuts.
Frequently asked questions about DataStax Studio 6.0.
Fixing problems in DataStax Studio 6.0.