DataStax Studio 6.0 FAQ

Frequently asked questions about DataStax Studio 6.0.

Frequently asked questions

Why can I configure more than one host in a Studio connection?
Hosts initialize the Cassandra driver connection. Configuring more than one host provides redundancy and failover protection.
Which web browsers are supported for Studio?
Studio is tested on these platforms (all 64-bit) with the latest versions of the specified web browsers.
How can I view a list of my notebooks?
Use the Notebook Manager to list and filter notebooks.
How do I specify a default keyspace for a cell?
You can use the keyspace menu to select the keyspace or specify the CQL USE statement. The following rules apply to USE statements in Studio:
  • USE statements apply only to the current cell.
  • A USE statement overrides the default keyspace setting for all statements that follow the USE statement within that cell.
  • The keyspace selected in the keyspace drop down menu applies only to the current cell.
  • The selected keyspace is copied to new cells created below an existing CQL cell.
  • If a default keyspace is not selected, and there are no USE statements in the cell, all statements must be fully qualified to include the desired keyspace.
Does Studio support connection to SSL-enabled clusters?
Yes. See Using SSL connections in DataStax Studio.
Where are my notebooks from earlier versions?
When you start Studio, all of your existing notebooks are upgraded to the new version. Notebooks are not backward compatible.