Starting and stopping DataStax Studio

Starting and stopping DataStax Studio.


Studio requires OpenJDK 8 or Oracle Java 8 (at least 1.8.0_151). Verify that the required Java version is used. See Studio will not start with wrong Java version.

Steps to start and stop Studio.


  1. To start Studio, run the Studio Server shell script:
    • Linux:
      cd installation_location/datastax-studio-6.0.0
      Tip: To start Studio in the background, add & at the end of the command:
      ./bin/ &
    • Windows:
      C:/> installation_location\datastax-studio-6.0.0\bin\
      C:/> server.bat
    Your result will look similar to:
    Studio is now running at:
  2. To run DataStax Studio, enter this URL in your web browser:
    • For DSE running on localhost, URI_running_DSE is localhost.
    • For DSE on another machine, URI_running_DSE is the hostname or IP address for the remote machine.

  3. To stop Studio:
    pkill -f studio